Pictures From Past Years

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Holiday Party 2010

Inkle at November's meeting


The meeting was held at Devorah Wolf's house. It began at 7:40 and ended at 10:00.  The following people were in attendance:  Liz,
Karen, Maxine, Lisa, Ellen, Phyllis, Arleen, Cathy, Judith, Anne, Devorah,and Barbara Rosenblatt, Arleen's sister visitng from D.C. area.

Old/New Business

Anyone who wishes to participate in this year's challenge may call Isa for directions.
The Holiday Sale is November 19th and 20th.  Please fill out the form for participating and let Karen know if you are interested  by November 1st. Twenty percent of profits made by Guild members goes to the Guild.
Profits from sales of the Guild's cards are one hundred percent to the Guild, and Jean will bring them to the November meeting.
If you have Round Robbin pieces from the spring project, please bring them to the next meeting.
PLEASE pay your dues if you have not already done so.

Liz brought her beautiful double weave pieces and was officially accepted as a member.  Welcome, Liz!

Show and Tell

Cathy brought her Round Robbin rep pieces, including a stunning scarf.
Judith is knitting a cozy pancho.
Lisa brought the pix of her cute kids she promised.
Ellen knows of three looms for sale...tempting.  Call her for info.

Maxine and Arleen gave a workshop on collaborative art books.  Everyone made (or is making) a page which will be put together to create a book.
The fabulous array of textiles and findings were an inspiration!

The next meeting is at Karen's house and the program is Inkle Weaving with Daryl Lancaster.


Minutes from the September 2010 Meeting


Our February Meeting was a wonderful presentation by Ms. Thimble, Gail Gondek. Here are the slides she used in her presentation. Unfortunately, she showed us so much that wasn't captured as we were all enthralled by the presentation.

Minutes from the February 2010 Meeting

Minutes from the January 2010 Meeting

The December meeting was our annual holiday party. No minutes, just good cookies!

Minutes from the November 2009 Meeting

Minutes from the October 2009 Meeting

Minutes from the September 2009 Meeting


Minutes from April Meeting

Minutes from February's Meeting

Minutes from December's Meeting

Minutes from November's Meeting

Minutes from October's Meeting

Minutes from September's Meeting

Show-and-Tell, September 08

Jean's Beads


Rug Hooking, Who says we don't have fun?


Devorah modeling Karen's hat.


June 2008. Our Guild Challenge inspired many wonderful dolls. (And a book by Ellen.)      


February '08 - Doll Making with Faith Valentinetti

 The inspiration.


The Results.


December '07 - Our holiday party and ornament exchange.


June '07 - The guild challenge was Artist Trading Cards. The submissions were very impressive. The winner was Jean, card on bottom right.


Clockwise from upper left: Jan, Cathie, Phyllis, Maxine, Jean, Anne and Arlene.


Judi's ATCs.



April 7th, 2007 - Robin Spady gave a wonderful day of lecture.


TnT - Gadgets and tools.

Fab Four - Four Harness weaves.

Diversified Plain Weave




Deflected Supplementary Weft

Integrated Weave Bead Leno

   Swivel on Overshot Threading

Two Sides to Every Cloth - Double Weaves


  Stitched Double Cloth

Stuffed Matelass

Eight-Shaft Stitched Double Cloth

Double-faced Warp Twill

Interlocking Twill

Four-shaft Double-faced Plain Weave Overshot

Four-shaft Double-faced Mock Twill

Four-shaft Double-faced Weft Twill

February 07 - Clara Manheim Bead's Galore (and felt, and painting and much more.)

January 07 - Isa Vogel models a jacket of her own design.


Karen's chenille scarf Devorah's scarf

December 06

Recent Pictures of Wendel

A Note from Edna

Hope this reaches you - the last note came back saying address
was no longer working! Toby (isn't he precious?) and Edna summer of
2006. Know I must owe the group some dues - ? Your crew sounds
as tho wonderful work is being done - aside from weaving, you've
been busy. Have a very active Rochester weavers and a teaching
center to keep all working - except me - weave at home.
Wishing you all a very healthy and happy 2007!

Miss Lois - her weaving is everywhere in my home.


June 2006

Entries for the Guild Challenge.

WWjune06 012.jpg (1437191 bytes)

And the winner is...  Anne Travis, tapestry woven amulets.

WWjune06 006.jpg (1374927 bytes)

May 2006

Baskets we made

baskets.jpg (45062 bytes)

Show and tell

devorahsweaving.jpg (99488 bytes)

karensfeltedbags.jpg (57111 bytes)

maxinesweaving.jpg (42400 bytes)

April 2006

Yarn and fabric at Habu

WWapril06 002.jpg (1229336 bytes)

WWapril06 021.jpg (1377612 bytes)

WWapril06 048.jpg (1481969 bytes)

WWapril06 027.jpg (1263877 bytes)

January 2006

Judith Symonds demonstrated a number of ways to fold paper to make book forms.

WWjan06 001.jpg (2993554 bytes) WWjan06 004.jpg (3375211 bytes)

WWjan06 008.jpg (3398408 bytes) WWjan06 009.jpg (3269941 bytes) WWjan06 010.jpg (3138221 bytes)


October 2005

Bonnie Berkowitz inspired us with her work.

wwo05 002.jpg (1276341 bytes)

Some show and tell.

wwo05 006.jpg (1481485 bytes) wwo05 012.jpg (1506609 bytes) wwo05 013.jpg (1253183 bytes) wwo05 014.jpg (1483726 bytes)

September 2005

felted fruit.jpg (100732 bytes) silk fusion bowl.jpg (106172 bytes) weaving.jpg (96302 bytes)

April 2005

Lisa Shepherd did a terrific survey of African fabric.

Lisa 008.jpg (1071949 bytes) Lisa 001.jpg (818682 bytes) Lisa 005.jpg (839885 bytes) Lisa 010.jpg (859011 bytes) Lisa 016.jpg (869274 bytes) Lisa 026.jpg (874011 bytes) Lisa 044.jpg (867620 bytes) Lisa 058.jpg (871790 bytes)


January 2005

Ellen did a wonderful program on Color.

IMGP7901.JPG (396556 bytes) IMGP7904.JPG (434904 bytes)



IMGP5694.JPG (387720 bytes) Nina and her latest quilt

IMGP5702.JPG (392065 bytes) Judy's ribbon scarves

IMGP5707.JPG (389435 bytes) Fabric by Lois

IMGP5711.JPG (375851 bytes) A placemat by Guddy



sparky2.JPG (248641 bytes) sparky17.JPG (178109 bytes) Sparky Bear and friends, just some of the things Joan does with the wool from her Jacob Sheep. She provided us with a informative view into the general workings of a sheep farm and Jacob sheep.



IMG_1776.jpg (54131 bytes) Bonnie Inouye and her beautiful fabrics

IMG_1773.jpg (211862 bytes) IMG_1778.jpg (198665 bytes) IMG_1781.jpg (83410 bytes) IMG_1779.jpg (139567 bytes)



 ww 072.jpg (36773 bytes) ww 073.jpg (107223 bytes) Marsha's bracelet and one of the many scarves she knitted

ww 079.jpg (61562 bytes)Jewel and her male/female window hanging

ww 084.jpg (109495 bytes) ww 088.jpg (128088 bytes)Cathie's fabric and twisted beads

 ww 089.jpg (97746 bytes) Phyllis's scarf

Split ply examples:

18_quadrupotbyPeterC.jpg (44693 bytes) 

 19_hatsbyLindaH.jpg (26670 bytes)

30_JamesPchertjpcellclump.jpg (20867 bytes) 42_anemonebasketConvergence2002.jpg (74059 bytes)

48_SCOT_Wave.jpg (73619 bytes)


1103.jpg (70770 bytes)We seem to be doing a lot of beading

 Annestable.jpg (59447 bytes)The group at Anne's house

 bigretbead.jpg (45724 bytes)From the 03 retreat

bluebox.jpg (124154 bytes)Cathie's beaded box

 Cathiehearts.jpg (93525 bytes)Felt hearts

  chenille entries2.jpg (58278 bytes)Twice woven

 Edna's weaving.jpg (83391 bytes) Edna's

Ellensshoes.jpg (66217 bytes)Ellen' handmade shoes

 Holidaysale03-003.jpg (38031 bytes)Holiday sale 03

 Holidaysale03-004.jpg (34039 bytes) Holidaysale03-008.jpg (56564 bytes)

 IMGP0230.jpg (43569 bytes)

IMGP0801.jpg (41141 bytes)Putting together calendars

 jeanfabric.jpg (99017 bytes) jeans vat dyed silk.jpg (84711 bytes)Jean's dyed fabrics

 judis rag rug.jpg (54634 bytes)

 retreatbeads.jpg (41897 bytes) sunbeads.jpg (87682 bytes)

santabag.jpg (114045 bytes)  wenrun.jpg (93094 bytes) ww 022.jpg (109867 bytes) ww 026.jpg (50624 bytes) ww 052.jpg (35711 bytes) ww 061.jpg (73135 bytes)

 WW 045.jpg (48137 bytes) Ellen's quilt