Pictures 2018-19
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May - Stripe Challenge


Show and Tell


April - Carol Russel


Samples for painted warp

March - Ridged Heddle


Show and tell


 February - Weaving Ergonomics


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December - Felted Balls and Ornament Exchange


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October - Stripes


Results from Walnut Dying


Show and Tell


September - Dying with Walnuts

Black Walnuts

Silk scarves ready for the Steamer wrapped with Black Walnuts, Madder, Osage Orange, and Rusty Nails


After the Steam Bath, undoing the wrapping


Donna and Julia's scarves after the steam bath!

Kathy's scarf stitched and dyed in black walnut dye bath!

Black walnuts after the dyeing process


October Meeting - Stripes



WWG 2018-19 Stripe Challenge


Create a personal stripe design with 3-7 colors, using any kind of weaving technique that you choose.

 In order to bring self-expression into the stripe design, one of the colors you select should be representative of you

 Questions you might ask are: How does this color relate to the other colors?  Is it similar or very different?  Is it dominant in the pattern or more subdued?  PLEASE KEEP THE COLOR REPRESENTING YOU A SECRET, WE WILL TRY TO GUESS WHEN THE CHALLENGES ARE REVEALED.

 Your design may be purely intuitive or employ techniques that are more structured, such as the Fibonacci sequence.

 For an extra challenge, you may consider creating a second color way, keeping the color representing you the same.

 Your challenge piece will be due at the May meeting.


Show and Tell